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masterWiden client address box for mailing purposesDavid McMackins II5 years
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2018-01-10Widen client address box for mailing purposesHEADmasterDavid McMackins II
2018-01-10Remove unused commandDavid McMackins II
2018-01-09Make difference between quantity and hours more apparentDavid McMackins II
2018-01-06Make Delwink modificationsDavid McMackins II
2017-01-31Merge pull request #7 from cadfan/masterMichael Kropat
2017-01-29Added lmodern to Vagrantfile since this is needed for the fontsChristopher Griffiths
2016-09-29Merge pull request #6 from mkropat/latest-ubuntuMichael Kropat
2016-09-29Update to Ubuntu 16.04 imageMichael Kropat
2015-12-14Merge pull request #5 from Geoffrey-A/masterMichael Kropat
2015-12-14Fix typo.Geoffrey