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PATTS is a recursive acronym, standing for PATTS Ain't Time Tracking Software. We have selected this name, because PATTS' design goes beyond just punch card tracking. It logs tasks and clients into a database for reporting, so you can see how much time who's spending on what tasks and for whom.

PATTS' current design will allow for infinite "nesting" of tasks. The system has no limits on how many tasks can link with one another, either vertically or horizontally.

Project status: Passive Development (unsponsored)

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Current efforts

The patts-qt GUI is now feature-complete. Version 0.0.0 is a release candidate currently ready for public testing. We believe it has reached a stable point in development, but we want to test it for a short while on our own servers to see what unforeseen behavior may arise. There are also some rough UI edges that we plan to smooth out.

The Go For It idea is still planned on being implemented, but it will be set aside for the time being while the official client is being developed. We find Go For It to have a good paradigm for time tracking on the frontend, but it does not match the original vision for PATTS as it was originally conceived with Delwink's original client, and we want to realize that vision before being distracted by other potential interfaces.


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