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Project Queue - Delwink Software

Project Queue

These projects are in line to be made a reality, but we haven't quite gotten around to them yet.

Blue-shifting Accessibility Software


This project will be to create a user application to cover the screen (or parts of it) in a shade of blue. This assists with particular kinds of colorblindness, and it was requested of us to make this by someone who suffers from it and is currently using a Visual Basic program to accomplish this instead.

We want to reimplement this in C using either the X11 libraries or SDL2 so that it can be easily run on Unix-like systems such as GNU/Linux.

What's holding us back?

General Sales Software


This project will be to create a library and frontend for a program to help merchants to sell products and services while keeping track of expenses and clients. We intend to implement reporting features so that as you use it longer, it will be able to tell you information that can help you improve your business.

What's holding us back?