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Sponsor A Project

Sponsorship is our preferred way to fund development of our projects. If you have a project idea you'd like to make a reality or you would like to steer the development of a project that already exists, sponsorship is the best way to do it.

Sponsorship is distinct from private custom development because it focuses on big-picture development as opposed to specific tweaks to fine tune a program for your business. However, that's not to say that you shouldn't consider sponsorship if you want to have a customization for your business. You'll see below how being a sponsor gives significant discounts for customization in addition to the benefits of sponsorship itself.

The Process

What's it like to sponsor a project?


Sponsorship begins with the selection of a project. You can choose to sponsor an existing project or to create a new one.

A "project" is simply that: some sort of software development to be done. It could be adding a feature to one of our products; it could be removing an annoying pop-up from someone else's product (but it has to be free software). It could also mean creating a whole new product from the ground up. If you're sponsoring, our skill goes toward your vision.

After a project is selected, we determine exactly what the project seeks to accomplish, and we agree on the costs.

Finally, we get to work! We want to complete your project as much as you want it to be completed. The Delwink developer team is passionate about project completion. We'll schedule regular meetings with you to give updates on what milestones have been reached and clear up any ambiguities that may not have been sorted out in the initial spec.

At the very end, when all the goals have been reached, we'll hold an evaluation meeting to determine what improvements and nice-to-haves could be added, and we leave it up to you whether to continue sponsorship for these new goals or to accept the finished product as originally envisioned.


As a sponsor, you maintain full (or shared, in the case of a joint sponsorship) control over the project's direction and end-user design.

You'll also hold the weight in decisions about the order in which new features should be added to the program, giving you the features you want most first.


You can expect full support for your computer platform of choice. Whether it's your selection of GNU/Linux distribution, the latest Windows, or a Commodore 64, making the product compatible with your setup is paramount.


A customer support policy is included with your sponsorship. You'll be able to call or email for support, or you can request on-site support. Included with support is a 2/3-off discount on on-site troubleshooting, installation, and software customization on this project.

Ready to get started?

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