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Sponsor Delwink Software


Sponsorship is a critical part of Delwink software. Contributions from patrons like you keep development steady and eliminates the need for Delwink's products to come at a price.

So you want to sponsor Delwink? Let's take a look at the process.


Sponsorship begins with the selection of a project. You can choose to sponsor an existing project or to create a new one.

A "project" is simply that. Some sort of software engineering to be done. It could be adding a feature to one of our products; it could be removing an annoying pop-up from someone else's product (but it has to be free software). It could also mean creating a whole new product from the ground up. If you're sponsoring, our skill goes toward your vision.

After a project is selected, we determine exactly what the project seeks to accomplish, and we agree on the costs.

Finally, we get to work! We want to complete your project as much as you want it to be completed. The Delwink developer team is passionate about project completion.

Now, let's examine the costs and benefits.


We won't try to fool you. Sponsorship can be expensive work. In practicality, a sponsor is a temporary employer for Delwink. It is their responsibility to provide the engineers with an acceptable salary in order to maintain a smooth development process.

Like anything, cost will usually be determined by exactly how much work needs to be done in order to realize your vision. We try our best to follow the Keep It Simple ideology to keep work (and costs) to a minimum while still delivering a satisfying and easy-to-use piece of engineering.

For most projects, it is recommended to have around 1000 USD (or equivalent) at your disposal per month of estimated development.

The cost can be lightened (or development speed improved) if you were to make an agreement with some other party for a joint sponsorship.


The primary benefit is control over the project. Whoever has the gold makes the rules. As a sponsor, you maintain full (or shared, in the case of a joint sponsorship) control over the project's direction and end-user design.

At your option, you may choose the name of the product (if it is a new one).

As a sponsor, you will receive regular updates (milestones) on the project's progress.

We strongly recommend that you use the freedom-respecting GNU+Linux operating system; however, if you don't, you can expect support for your preferred platform. For instance, most of our projects are not designed with Microsoft Windows in mind, but exceptions are made for sponsors.

Your name will be mentioned on the project's info page on the Delwink website. Think of it like advertising your support for software freedom. You may opt out of this if you wish to remain anonymous.

Above all, a contribution to Delwink is a contribution to the preservation of freedom. By showing your support, you not only express your views; you help to strengthen the notion that proprietary software is not the only profitable development methodology, a benefit to not only you and us, but the world around us all.